Saturday, 17 August 2013

Meet the girls

The first bunch of girls that moved into No. 9 a couple of years ago.  These ones are named after mum and TOFs grannies. So from the left we have, Aggie, Casie, Lily and Ada.
The two on the left arrived this year while the two on the right joined us a year after the first lot, well something like that.  All I know is they have an entire end of my back yard!  These birds are named after another bunch of dead people,  Mrs Wickham, Coral, Denny, and Brucetta.
Mum let the girls out in our part of the back yard today.  Talk about take over the joint!  I was asleep on the deck in a nice spot of sunshine, while Oscar was doing his best to put on the supreme cute act and Sheba was only interested in her ball.  How does Oscar think he is cute in that tartan coat?

Mum was taking heaps of photos of us all out the back.  I kept annoying her by getting up and moving when she tried to take my photo.  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!  Check out Sheba doing a spot of photo bombing!!  Of course fluff ball was working on his cuteness!!

Max came to see Jak for his birthday and had Mc Donalds for his lunch which he shared with me because I was fare starving!!!
 It was quite exhausting hanging out in the back yard with all the others.
Some of the girls get a close up!

Well it was a wicked warm day here at No. 9, I hope you had some top weather also.  Us animals like the great out doors when the sun is shining.  Have to say, it makes me hungry!!

Hope you enjoyed meeting the girls.

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  1. How cute. Sue you are a good photographer, great portraits of the animals.

    Julie and Poppy Q