Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rain rain go away come again another day.

Tex is asleep in the garage where it is warm and dry.  Us dogs have moped about inside all day, and it's no fun at all. We have slept a bit, played a bit, then slept some more.

I have been watching Sheba playing in the rain with her ball through our pet door.  Well it's a hole in the glass since she broke it off because she has to be first all the time and will not slow down! I am only going outside if I really have to.......

...not like those crazy chickens down the back.  Just look at Cassie, she looks quite mad!

Monday, 9 September 2013

FYI - All the balls are mine!!

Because as you all know, I need one in my mouth while I dribble the other one with my nose and my feet.  And if there are any more balls out the back in the garden, they too are all mine, I own them all.
I love balls!!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Photo bombing

Sometimes you just have to do it!!

And we have been rewarding mum with loads of Eggs!!

We lay all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes,
yes we do!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Waiting in the car...

No matter what size dog you are there is nothing like hanging your head out a car window to take in all the sights and smells!!

Mind you getting out and investigating is the best fun.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The spot of sun is in the garden

Mum is home sick today with a cold and we found her outside on the swing seat in the backyard.

We looked after it for her when she went inside, it is the sunniest spot in the garden today and oh so comfy!!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Because we love her...

Snuggles is what we want......

..and snuggles is what we get!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Its hard being so cute, and exhausting!

I heard mum say "Oscar you are in charge" this morning as she went off to work.  She also muttered something about how cute I looked all snuggled up in her dressing gown which was still warm and smelt of her, left lying on her bed for me.  Normally Sheba would turn up when the door gets left open and we play on the bed and when mum gets home all the pillows are on the floor.  Sheba always gets the blame for this because when I am by myself the bed stays made.
Tonight I snuggled under the blanket on the couch with Jak, because Tex had my position on the lazy boy with mum.  Being in charge for the whole morning was exhausting, and I think I may have slept through my entire turn at being in charge. Oh well never mind, maybe next time.  Not sure what being in charge means tho!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday fun day laying in the sun day

Mum goes to work for the whole day on Mondays.  She left me in charge.  So I decided that I would protect No.9 by setting up camp out the front.
I come with a warning!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Meet the girls

The first bunch of girls that moved into No. 9 a couple of years ago.  These ones are named after mum and TOFs grannies. So from the left we have, Aggie, Casie, Lily and Ada.
The two on the left arrived this year while the two on the right joined us a year after the first lot, well something like that.  All I know is they have an entire end of my back yard!  These birds are named after another bunch of dead people,  Mrs Wickham, Coral, Denny, and Brucetta.
Mum let the girls out in our part of the back yard today.  Talk about take over the joint!  I was asleep on the deck in a nice spot of sunshine, while Oscar was doing his best to put on the supreme cute act and Sheba was only interested in her ball.  How does Oscar think he is cute in that tartan coat?

Mum was taking heaps of photos of us all out the back.  I kept annoying her by getting up and moving when she tried to take my photo.  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!  Check out Sheba doing a spot of photo bombing!!  Of course fluff ball was working on his cuteness!!

Max came to see Jak for his birthday and had Mc Donalds for his lunch which he shared with me because I was fare starving!!!
 It was quite exhausting hanging out in the back yard with all the others.
Some of the girls get a close up!

Well it was a wicked warm day here at No. 9, I hope you had some top weather also.  Us animals like the great out doors when the sun is shining.  Have to say, it makes me hungry!!

Hope you enjoyed meeting the girls.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Woo hoo we have out own blog!!!!

Let us introduce ourselves:

So I am Texas Whanga Boy but you can call me Tex.  I moved in here a few years ago from a seaside town called Whangamata.  As a kitten I lived in a house truck and then I moved in to Moana House, a place for the oldies and bewildered.  I quite liked my life style with the wrinklies as I had them all well trained as in I was a demand fed cat.  I demanded and they fed me.  Allegedly I was getting a bit heavy pawed with the other cats at the house and it was decided I had to move out.  Aunty H my mum Sues older sister rescued me and had me sent over here to No. 9.  I was top cat for a while until Sue decided to get the white fluff ball, she calls him Oscar, but more about him later.  I spend my days relaxing as I am now in my senior years so I live the life of a retired cat. Feel free to check in on the goings on at No. 9, I am always here!
Hi!!!!  I'm Oscar, not the white ball of fluff, don't listen to that old fart Tex, he is full of it. Anyways, I am 7,  very cute, yeah I know, and um well I am mums favourite.  I moved in at No. 9 when I was a 3 year old.  My previous family were moving over seas and I couldn't go with them.  I so didn't care because No. 9 has the best back yard and I am like so spoiled so life is sweet here.   I love sitting on mums lap, being picked up and cuddled, oh yeah and drives in the car, I love biscuits, yeah I loooove biscuits, and mum makes me special ones.  Told you I was her favourite.  I have a younger sister that is way bigger than me called Sheba, she is heaps of fun.  We get into trouble together all the time.
My name is Sheba and apparently I am a Border Collie crossed with a Labrador according to my vet record book.  I am 3 and I moved in to No. 9 when I was just about to turn 1.  I am the baby of the family but I am the BIGGEST!!  The people that used to own me fell out of love and no one could keep me so Mum Sue came to the rescue.  TOF says I am the last pet to move in here but I reckon he will be wrong.  TOF is my man, I love him, and my toy duck and my flat ball, and my round ball.  TOF plays with me all the time and I mean all the time.  I don't even let him sit down and have a coffee after work coz we have games to play outside.  I wait all day for him to come home.  I love him I do.

There's a bunch of Chickens living out the back with all of us, they have there own part of our section the lucky buggers.  Mum will get individual photos of them to share next time.  Hope you pop in to visit us on OUR BLOG, and we will try to get up to all sorts of stuff outside, and inside so mum can take photos to go with our stories.


 See ya!!